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Doberman of an Attack Ad, Bites CDs on Ass

Freelance copywriter, Jay Kaskel, has been making Robo calls to Minneapolis creative directors in what he calls “a shameless, blatant attempt at self promotion.” Instead of hanging up on the robot, the CDs on the receiving end have suggested he send the voice file to “the blogs” and enter it in upcoming award shows. “It’s […]

Subliminal? Not If You’re On Their Network.

When Coffee Company in The Netherlands wanted to motivate all the wifi moochers in their midst to actually buy coffee and pastries, they turned to THEY for help. THEY, a new agency formed from the ribs of KesselsKramers and BBDO, came up with a pretty nice media placement idea. Other lines in the campaign include […]

Nike’s Going To Kick Down Some Digital Doors With, Or Without, W+K

Nike appears three times in this year’s Communication Arts Interactive annual. Odopod won for their Nike Skateboarding site. One of the judges, Michael Lebowitz of Big Spaceship calls the site “One of my favorite projects of the year. Feels like the future of editorial. It’s not a translation, but a reinvention that stays true to […]

The Future Is Now

Lewis Lazare of Chicago Sun-Times asked Dan Fletsam, Energy BBDO’s new chief creative officer some interesting questions recently. Here’s one: Q. Do you believe the Web will remain a dominant presence in the advertising business 10 years hence? A. Absolutely. I have middle- and elementary-school-age children. The role of the Web in their lives is […]

Giving Informercials A Good Name

Adweek’s critic Barbara Lippert was “moved” by the 30-minute “O-mercial” that 33.5 million Americans voluntarily watched on Wednesday night. As a narrator, he has an amazingly mellifluous voice, and his prodigious ability to read a script or speak off the cuff all blended into one continuous, very personal message. He used the stories of four […]

Hanging A Shingle On Purpose

James Stengel, a Franklin & Marshall grad like me, is set to embark on a new journey in his storied marketing career. According to The Wall Street Journal, the outgoing global marketing chief at Procter & Gamble and 25-year P&G veteran is opening Jim Stengel LLC on Monday. Stengel will try to persuade companies to […]

How To Tivo-Proof A Show

Kathy Lyford at Variety sat down with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner to ask him a bunch of questions from readers of the entertainment trade rag. Here’s one I like: Q. Now that we’re in season two, is it difficult to deliver more of those interesting factoids during each commercial break? A. I have nothing […]

Let Freedumb Ring

Portland ad agency, Borders Perrin Norrander isn’t about to let Goodby have all the fun this political season. BPN and their digital arm, Pollinate Media, are saying that Things Are Fine, but they don’t mean it. [via Communication Arts]