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Don’t Consume. Be.

Grant McCracken is a whip smart cultural anthropologist working in the modern day consumer arena. Here’s how he sees us behaving during times of economic tumult: Roughly speaking, consumers have two modalities: surging and dwelling. In the surging modality, consumers have momentum. We have a vivid sense of forward motion. Life is getting better. Each […]

Learning to Listen Is An Important First Step, But Learning to Act On the Info Provided Is The Critical Second Step

Pete Blackshaw, author of Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000′ is loving the cover article in the October issue of the Harvard Business Review. The article by Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, argues for well conceived and managed customer contribution channels. Cook’s article is important because he’s taking our current debate over social […]

Web Architects, Like Real Architects, Build For The Long Haul

Alexander H. Williams “teaches people how to break the rules and create vibrant online community networks with blogs, podcasts and magic bus rides.” He also shoots video and makes podcasts and stuff. In one of his recent efforts, Franz Maruna, CEO at concrete5, opens up about the web development process and how traditional agencies are […]

Elite Runners and Their Shoe Brand Schooled By A Teacher

Elitism sucks. It doesn’t matter where it’s found, it sucks. Arien O’Connell, a fifth grade school teacher from New York, found it on Sunday when she finished this year’s Nike Women’s Marathon, with a time 11 minutes faster than any other runner. Yet, she was not declared the winner because she was not registered as […]

Today In Twitterverse: Hyperlocal FTW!

Maki, writer of Dosh Dosh, is currently a Philosophy student in Toronto, Canada. As a new member of the Portland micro-media community, I’ve been intently researching local online resources to see if there might be an opportunity to develop something new and useful. Some of the best hyperlocal sites in Portland include PDX Pipeline and […]

First Iceland, Now Sweden


Cause-Related Meet Your New BFF, Social Media

Christine DorĂ© of animal rights group, PETA, is making some pretty bold suggestions about her team’s use of Facebook and Twitter to manage an anti-fur campaign against Zappos, the online show retailer and well known adopters of Twitter. Back in August, we wrote to the company, urging it to adopt a fur-free policy. At the […]

Haggling Over Price And Cheapening A Brand

With the economy taking a dive, many consumers are now trying to haggle for everyday items–much like the way car buying has traditionally been. The Chicago Tribune has more: Their ranks are growing. Half of consumers surveyed in April by BIGresearch reported they have started haggling over auto repairs and appliance and electronics purchases. More […]