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If Your Ass Is Smart Enough, It Might Be Wanted In Chicago

Chicago agency, Two by Four, is seeking six interns to lend them a hand this summer. Two will be paid, the other four, not so much. [via Lewis Lazare]

Today In Twitterverse: Blah Blah Blah

David Armano is at a conference in New York City this morning. As you can see, he’s getting extraordinary value from it.

Trade Mag Pushes Into Comedy

Simon Dumenco of Ad Age made me laugh this morning. Now that Web 2.0 seems, with each passing day, to be less and less magical — what with softening click rates and the rising realization that it’s going to be insanely difficult to effectively monetize social networking — “Don’t be evil” sounds increasingly hilarious. If […]

Panic! It’s Not Organic.

Brandweek has an upsetting piece on greenwashing. Seventh Generation, Method and other leading personal care and cleaning brands may soon face lawsuits if they don’t remove the word “organic” from their labeling and marketing by Sept. 1. The ultimatum comes following a recent investigation by the Organic Consumers Assn., which uncovered a potentially carcinogenic contaminant […]

Minimalism’s Far Shore Reached By Team of Boston Explorers

Modernista! decided to go modern with their agency self-promo site. So modern in fact, there’s no there there. Just rollovers that redirect to Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr and Google News. The Denver Egotist says, “Modernista!‘s new site is so smart it sickens us.” I’m not sickened about it. I’m still trying to form an opinion. Maybe […]

Boulder Officials Like CP+B’s Brand of Creativity (To Say Nothing of Their Tax Revenue)

Adweek is running an article by Alex Bogusky, wherein he reflects on his welcome to the lovely hamlet of Boulderado. When we decided to move a portion of the agency to Boulder, Colo., a very surprising thing happened: The mayor’s office asked to take a meeting. I was excited and a bit nervous. Boulder has […]

Pepsi Dewing It Again

According to Adweek, Pepsi-Cola North America is launching an original online series to support Mountain Dew this summer. The soda giant will serve as its own studio for a serialized action-adventure production from film writer-directors Shawn Papazian and Art Brown. To encourage online engagement, viewers will able to alter the storyline by selecting from a […]

Ad Age Does Digital

This week’s Advertising Age is nearly entirely devoted to issues surrounding digital marketing and web advertising. I highly recommend it. There’s a lot of good stuff to read, and the Ad Age staff did a great job covering as much of it as they could. It’s both a high-level look at the state of digital […]