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WTF?: Buy Some Damn Print Already

I can’t think of an online ad I like. Can you? Online content, sure. Brand supported online content even. But an ad? No. Generally speaking, online advertising is some weak shit. A fact which makes it all the harder to accept that valuable print vehicles are struggling to stay afloat because their lifeblood–print advertising–is migrating […]

Good Information Gets You High

Lee Gomes of The Wall Street Journal looks at the efforts by neuroscientists to understand what makes certain websites irresistible to the human brain. Clues are offered by research conducted by Irving Biederman, a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California, who is interested in the evolutionary and biological basis of the human need for […]

Lone Star State of Mind

AOL Can Play That Game

According to Associated Press, AOL is paying $850 million for an online hangout popular in Europe. Bebo is one of the largest social networks in Britain, is ranked No. 1 in Ireland and New Zealand and has a global membership of more than 40 million. In the United States, however, it ranks third behind MySpace […]

Ev On “Ambient Awareness” and Other Matters

Fast Company interviewed Evan Williams, a.k.a. “Ev” about Twitter. Here are a few highlights: Q. Am I admitting my age if I ask why anyone would want to be that connected? A. I don’t think it has anything to do with age. That’s the most common response from everybody: Why would I want to use […]

Goodyear Needs To Fix A Leak In Their Image

I’m not a NASCAR fan, but apparently, Goodyear makes all the tires that the drivers use, and of course, in the world of car buffs, that’s a huge coup. Unless the drivers bitch about the tires. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: On Monday, Goodyear was peddling a feel-good story: “Goodyear tops Fortune magazine’s most-admired list.” But […]

Halcyon Loves To Share

If you’d like a free sticker, send a standard-sized self addressed stamped envelope to: Hug Nation PO Box 264 Solana Beach CA 92075

When You Make A Living From Your Site, Fans Are Also Customers

I attended a SXSWi panel with a dubious title yesterday, “Online Adulation: Use Don’t Abuse Your Fans.” Look at those verbs. “Use.” “Abuse.” Not good. There was one true blogebrity on the panel and sadly she conveyed, perhaps unintentionally, what a hassle it is to be so popular. I don’t doubt for a second that […]