Goodyear Needs To Fix A Leak In Their Image

I’m not a NASCAR fan, but apparently, Goodyear makes all the tires that the drivers use, and of course, in the world of car buffs, that’s a huge coup.
Unless the drivers bitch about the tires. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

On Monday, Goodyear was peddling a feel-good story: “Goodyear tops Fortune magazine’s most-admired list.”
But 24 hours earlier, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart was peddling his own story.
“Goodyear can’t build a tire worth a crap,” said the mouthy fireplug of a man known for saying exactly what’s going on inside his racing helmet. A frustrated Stewart was speaking after a race Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway about newly designed tires that forced drivers to drive like grandmas.
But he was just getting started.
“I’m going home and taking everything that has Goodyears off and put Firestones on and feel a lot safer,” Stewart said in another interview.
“It’s a shame these teams that work so hard are being dictated by a company incapable of building tires fit for a street car.”

Ouch. These celebrity endorsements and sponsorships can really boost a brand’s sales. They can also backfire.

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