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Reveal Your Process (If You Have One)

Do you want to let academics who study the creative process as it relates to advertising inside your award-winning head? If so, operators are standing by at

Ride The Barkley Rocket To Another Reality

The Daily Biz points to Barkley’s Mentorship Program, which is “dedicated to advertising enlightenment and transformation.” Barkley claims that “qualified students will come to Kansas City to live, learn and create amazing work in an advertising utopia.” Which leads me to wonder what qualities an advertising utopia might embody. Maybe there’d be no bad ads […]

Looks Like Irony Jumped The Shark In Vegas

The city of Las Vegas welcomes all kinds, including douchebags. [via Shabooty]

Smoke And Rails

Paul Johnson, writing for Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary makes a good point about interactive capabilities at traditional shops. There are a lot of ad agencies talking a mean game and touting their capabilities in pitches. To paraphrase the head of a web-development firm (after I plied him with a few cocktails), 90% of the […]

Data Is The New Gold And People Will Do Anything For It

Let’s pick up one of Danny G.’s favorite topics this morning—privacy, or violations thereof. According to The New York Times, a data miner called Phorm, has created a tool that can track every single online action of a given consumer, based on data from that person’s Internet service provider. Phorm is right now trying to […]

Today’s Lesson For Agency CEOs: Don’t Defraud The Government

Didn’t anyone learn from the Ogilvy scandal? If you’re going to inflate timesheets, pad the bills, or just generally defraud a client, don’t make it a government client. From KHQA in Illinois: The owner of a Springfield advertising agency accused of stealing $500,000 in federal funds that was to pay for anti-drunken-driving billboards has pleaded […]

The Audacity Of Coincidence

Courtesy of Valleywag, comes a very dubious ad placement on MSNBC’s live stream of Barack Obama’s speech today:

As The Pendulum Swings…

Newsweek is floating the idea that the heyday for consumer generated content has come and gone. In short, the expert is back. The revival comes amid mounting demand for a more reliable, bankable Web. “People are beginning to recognize that the world is too dangerous a place for faulty information,” says Charlotte Beal, a consumer […]