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Make A Little Vid, Then Make Some More Vids, And So On, Ad Infinitum

Every brand and her uncle is conducting consumer generated video contests. Here’s one that makes sense for the brands involved. Red Bull, Media Lab Studios and Independent Film Channel have joined to create “After Hours Web Series Challenge,” a video contest aimed squarely at the aspiring filmmaker set. According to the IFC-hosted promotional microsite: One […]

Mega Marketers Are Betting On Oscar Sunday

This year, the advertisers are better known than the movies. –L.A. Times For brands looking to persuade a mass audience, tomorrow night, “Oscar Sunday,” is prime time. General Motors, MasterCard, American Express Co., JC Penney Co. Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Mars Inc.’s M&M candies, McDonald’s Corp., L’Oreal and others all ponied up $1.8 million to ABC […]

Trade Pubs to Bring Some Cash

Variety, Publishers Weekly and dozens of other trade publications are going up for sale as the publishing company Reed Elsevier looks to get out of the uncertain advertising market. The company’s business information unit includes some relatively well-known titles (Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, New Scientist) along with sector-specific publications (Custom Builder, Microprocessor Report, Home […]

Intro to QR Codes

Random Culture bothers to explain QR Codes and I, for one, am thankful. QR codes are being used extensively in mobile marketing campaigns overseas, and are starting to make a breakthrough in the US. Quite simply, a QR code is a “matrix” bar code that was developed in Japan. The QR stands for “quick response”, […]

Bid On A Millard Fillmore Soap-On-A-Rope

Yes, it was bound to happen. You can bid on your own Millard Fillmore Soap-On-A-Rope on eBay. Currently, this one is up to $47.00 with 3 days left to go. Kia missed out, I think. People want their Millard more than their Spectras, it seems. I bet most of these soaps will survive long after […]

Today In Twitterverse: Eco-Motorists For Change

David Weinbrger is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

Opt-In Mobile Marketing Gets Through

Revol Perks, an opt-in mobile ad service from the regional cell provider, is returning some very nice click through rates. According to the program’s technology provider, Mobile Posse, click throughs rank from 16.5% to nearly 22%, depending on category. Airline Travel as a category ranks highest, with 21.91%. Mobile Posse provides content that is “personal, […]

Pepsi To Take People For A Ride

The thing about out-of-home advertising is it can’t be avoided. You can’t click away or turn the page. So brands love it. Now, more than ever. According to Business Wire, Pepsi is entering a 10-year tenant/naming rights agreement with Meadowlands Xanadu–the most expensive mall project ever conceived–to create a 287-foot-tall “Pepsi Globe,” a.k.a. Ferris Wheel […]