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Be Afraid

I loathe vanity-driven plastic surgery. So, these ads from McCann Erickson/Argentina promoting the use of Chevrolet Official Service Centers, caught my eye. Of course, the premise doesn’t make any sense, given that doctors “fix” health problems everyday. [via Ads of the World]

We’re Learning To Be More Giving

Wired’s running a feature called “Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business.” Nat Ives of Ad Age spoke to Chris “Long Tail” Anderson, Editor of Wired, about the free economy. There’s much to absorb in Anderson’s thinking. Like this: The third model of free is the gift economy. This is what used to be […]

Today In Twitterverse: Stock Tips from a VC

Fred Wilson is Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures in NYC.

Joshua Micah Marshall Recognized For His Work

Talking Points Memo is the first Internet-only news operation to receive the George Polk Award, an award for Internet reporting given by the Center for Public Integrity. the TPM newsroom in Manhattan I like how The New York Times frames the story: Of the many landmarks along a journalist’s career, two are among those that […]

Mergers & Acquisitions Is No Game

Everyone’s talking about Microsoft’s desire for Yahoo, but there’s another powerful company busy courting a playing-hard-to-get bride. LA Times has the story: Electronic Arts Inc. on Sunday launched a $2-billion takeover bid for troubled video game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., stepping up the industry’s torrid pace of consolidation. EA disclosed that Take-Two, the New […]

The Dan & Dave Show

“It began as a ship of fools. There was an innocence and a sense of failure inherent in the shop.” -Dan Wieden

Publicists Run Wild In LAh

According to The New York Times, winning an Oscar isn’t just about the quality of a film. It’s about the studio’s ability to successfully market the film. Even here in Hollywood, recent growth in the public relations machinery is cause for remark. Executives have publicists. Stars have publicists. The tiniest movies will arrive in April […]

So Sad

A man jumped to his death from the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago yesterday evening. Word is, it was Paul Tilley, Executive Creative Director at DDB/Chicago. That the man’s job performance and personality were consistently diminished in the press and on blogs makes this news all the harder to take. Our deepest condolences go out […]