Make A Little Vid, Then Make Some More Vids, And So On, Ad Infinitum

Every brand and her uncle is conducting consumer generated video contests.
Here’s one that makes sense for the brands involved.
Red Bull, Media Lab Studios and Independent Film Channel have joined to create “After Hours Web Series Challenge,” a video contest aimed squarely at the aspiring filmmaker set.
According to the IFC-hosted promotional microsite:

One lucky filmmaker will receive their very own production deal with IFC.
The series should explore your definition of after hours- even if that means 9:00am on a Tuesday.
It should explore how one’s attitude changes, how rules and expectations change when the clock hits a certain hour. What can be done in those hours you can’t do at any other time? What are the possibilities, the limitations? How do you and your world change after hours?
The best pilot or trailer, as decided by Red Bull and IFC, will be made into a series – with you as director!

I wonder if the contestants will have seen Martin Scorsese’s 1985 film, After Hours. I hope so. I also wonder if Scorsese knows about this contest. I hope so, given the name.



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