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Content Too Hot For Ritz To Handle

According to The New York Times, Ritz-Carlton is objecting to foul language and brand-diminishing storylines in a book of short stories it commissioned from Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. The luxury hotel chain planned to provide the book, Turndown Tales, as part of its turndown service. One of the stories in Turndown […]

Inside The Hyundai Pitch

BusinessWeek has a revealing behind-the-scenes look at the Hyundai pitch won by Goodby. Regular AdPulp readers know that I have a personal interest in this as the owner of a new Santa Fe. I’m a brand advocate. So did Hyundai make the right decision, in my humble opinion? Let’s take a look at the pitched […]

“Selling Out” Has Lost All Meaning In Today’s Media Culture

Jed Gottlieb writing for the Boston Herald takes modern indie bands to task for selling out to the man. John Mellencamp’s career has basically been one long commercial for the American working man. So when Chevy ads featuring his song “Our Country” scrolled across TV screens every 2.3 seconds for months last fall, it seemed […]

Now The Feds Are Chasing Eisner

Apparently, some dead agencies can’t rest in peace. From The Baltimore Business Journal: The Baltimore office of the FBI has launched an investigation into possible criminal activity committed by defunct advertising firm Eisner Communications Inc. and its former Chairman Steve Eisner. Since Eisner’s closure, the ad firm’s former landlord and several vendors that provided equipment […]

Delta’s Newest Destination: Twitterville

Ariel points to the fact that Delta Airlines has an active Twitter account. Love or hate Twitter, it is easy to see how it’s a valuable resource for real-time brand monitoring. Thousands of users simultaneously (and quite candidly) expressing their good and bad interactions with brands, products, and services. Companies should consider it a virtual […]

The Struggle To Improve Creative

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that P&G and J&J are pushing for tighter integration between agency disciplines, particularly media planning and creative. Johnson & Johnson has joined a growing list of marketers who are dissatisfied with the way advertising firms are structured, and it is calling for more collaboration between the people who do […]


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Tate Tracks Wins One Show Best Of Show

It’s not an ad, per se, but it is an idea. And a pretty cool one, at that. See it here. The rest of the winners are listed at The One Club website. Looks like TBWA/Chiat/Day got a lot of pencils for its Skittles and Combos work, like this spot: Was anyone there at the […]