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GM Tries To Inject A Little Sanity Into March Madness

You really have to play the AdAge video to hear how pathetic GM CEO Rick Wagoner sounded when speaking at the Newspapers Association of America convention. While the accompanying Ad Age article refers to Wagoner’s desire for more advertorials, which is laughable by itself, the video shows him explaining how GM products are no longer […]

Bill Richardson Applies To Be President

In the interest of being fair and balanced, here are a couple of spots for former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson: Compare and contrast those with the pointless Romney spot I put up yesterday. If you’re going to sell candidates like toilet paper, well, it’s easy to see which brand sounds better. We are starting […]

Models Eat Up—Anorexia Is Off The Shelf

Following the fashion industry’s inner turmoil over the use of wafer-thin models, a major packaged goods company is now calling for heftier models in its advertising. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer-products company is joining the global fight against eating disorders. “Unilever has adopted a new global guideline […]

The Artist’s Statement Reconfigured

Clay Parker Jones is an account guy with a book. Sort of. Jones says this about his approach: Account Executives don’t usually have a book. But I’m not really a typical AE, as I’m sure you can tell if you’re a regular reader here. And I don’t like resumes, anyway. How could you possibly get […]

Romney Rhymes With Empty, And This Spot Shows Why

How many verbal and visual cliches can you fit into a 30-second spot? “This isn’t the time to shrink…” “It’s a time to stand in strength…” “If we lock our arms together…” You couldn’t write an emptier, more vacuous political commercial if you tried. All that’s missing are little blond kids waving flags.

Sears Seared

Chicago Sun Times ad columnist Lewis Lazare doesn’t care for the new Sears campaign from Young & Rubicam/Chicago. It’s obvious to us hedge fund guru Eddie Lampert and company still haven’t a clue where Sears is headed. Why do we say this? Because the campaign’s new tag line — “Sears: Where It Begins” — is […]

Chick Lawyers Can Be Slick Lawyers, Too

When I first saw this billboard, I thought, “What cheesy pin-striped slick-haired lawyer dude thought this was a good idea?” Then I read the story: An all-female law firm is turning heads in Chicago with a new billboard and a blunt message: “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce.” The billboard, sponsored by Fetman, Garland & Associates, […]

Word From A San Francisco Ad Man

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) asked Rich Silverstein of Goodby Silverstein + Partners some good questions on the heels of the agency’s two huge account wins (Sprint and Hyundai). Asked how he reassures a smaller client (The Commonwealth Bank of Australia) that they too are important in the wake of such wins, Mr. […]