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Enter Burnett’s “Cathedral Of Ideas” With A Simple Click

Ad Age is reporting on Leo Burnett’s move into virtual reality. Leo Burnett Worldwide is hoping that setting up shop in a virtual world can improve its real-world results. The iconic Chicago agency — which has absorbed the losses of long-held, major accounts such as Cadillac and the U.S. Army of late — is opening […]

Be Glad You Don’t Work For Gannett’s IT Department

For all of you skimming this post on a beautiful Friday afternoon, let’s have a moment of sympathetic silence for the poor schleps who are “working around the clock” to solve this mysterious problem. You know the feeling, don’t you? It’s Friday, you want to go home, but the &^%$#@! Web site STILL won’t work–and […]

Will You Get Hannitized If You Buy A GM Car?

I’m not sure what advertising agency or promo firm is working on this, but right-wing talk show host Sean Hannity is co-sponsoring a contest to give away GM cars. Listeners to his show (and yes, I’ve listened) know that if they get on the air and say “Hi Sean, you’re a Great American!” he’ll return […]

Is DDB Chicago In Turmoil?

He loves anonymous sources, speculation and rumors, but still, Lewis Lazare’s column is always a good read. Such as today’s focus on DDB’s Chicago office. Sources say that some of the agency’s best creatives have called the decision to put Tilley in the top creative post the equivalent of “the last straw.” They are angry […]

Ghosts In The Packaged Goods Attic

New York Times advertising writer, Stuart Elliott, gets off a gem of a lead in today’s paper: Anolther ghost brand is seeking to shed its ectoplasm and become more corporeal. It’s hard to resist reading a story with such an auspicious beginning.

It’s Grind Time In Chicago

A leader in the promotion and delivery of urban/hip-hop digital music content, Chicago-based XtraMedium is launching a new text service called ‘Street Tags’ on its Aspire Music Network. Street Tags text messages are sent out to individuals who want to learn more about and stay-in-touch with artists, producers, and businesses such as theaters, restaurants and […]

Asacker’s Mustard-Based Webcast

GuruBBQ is Tom Asacker’s new joint. Every Wednesday he debuts a new episode, fully smoked and tenderly basted. When viewing this week’s show, one will undoubtedly note Asacker’s fine taste in ad blogs. Thanks for the shout out Tom! Addressing the lighthearted nature of his on-camera pursuit, Asacker says: If you want the “aha’s” of […]

Awards Aren’t Important, But Cocktails With Friends Are

Drunken debuachery in Chicago. I’m stunned. Lewis Lazare and his bow tie attended the fourth annual Chicago Creative Club Awards recently. What he found there disturbed him. Here’s what he found: Hundreds of local creatives who were well on their way toward total inebriation. As they have at CCC shows in years past, members of […]