Be Glad You Don’t Work For Gannett’s IT Department

For all of you skimming this post on a beautiful Friday afternoon, let’s have a moment of sympathetic silence for the poor schleps who are “working around the clock” to solve this mysterious problem. You know the feeling, don’t you? It’s Friday, you want to go home, but the &^%$#@! Web site STILL won’t work–and nobody knows why.
From today’s Editor & Publisher:

Newspaper company Gannett has been having “severe” problems since Monday with its Web sites, and is still unable to find the root cause of the problems.
The company has already started to notice traffic levels dropping at the sites and Gannett has both staffers and external consultants working 24/7 to fix the problem.
Citing “growing anger and frustration,” [a Gannet memo] asked staffers to report any changes to templates they made recently, or any changes they might have made to the automated processes in their system.
[Gannett] is brainstorming ways to provide temporary relief while the company’s tech experts work on finding the core issue.



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