Will You Get Hannitized If You Buy A GM Car?

I’m not sure what advertising agency or promo firm is working on this, but right-wing talk show host Sean Hannity is co-sponsoring a contest to give away GM cars.
Listeners to his show (and yes, I’ve listened) know that if they get on the air and say “Hi Sean, you’re a Great American!” he’ll return the compliment right back. Hence, The Sean Hannity You’re A Great American Car Give Away.
On a few liberal blogs there’s an effort to get to get Hannity removed as a spokesman.
In all honesty, I don’t think using Hannity is a bad idea. GM needs help–lots of it–in nearly every part of its business. Having lived in Detroit for a brief time, I can tell you that GM going out of business would cause a real shitstorm all across America. One of the few positive things it has left to sell its cars on is an appeal to consumers’ sense of patriotism. You may agree or disagree with Hannity and his politics, and you might also think that gas-guzzling cars are the antithesis of patriotism given our dependence on foreign oil. But Hannity’s audience may be right for a ‘Made in the USA’ sales pitch.



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