Red Tettemer Is In The Game

This year’s batch of Super Bowl spots simply can not wait. Brands are intent on getting the most from their Super Bowl buy, thus they feel justified trotting out teasers on YouTube. Like so… “Our agents are the very heart of our business, so it was important for us to create an ad that celebrates […]

Like It Or Not, Spec Work Has Its Place On Super Bowl Sunday

Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl competition is fully underway and some of the finalists aren’t bad. For example: Sadly, the same can not be said for Chevrolet, which is about to put this piece of “consumer” generated crap on the air: Has Your Back grows one’s confidence in car buying situations. Seriously. For more on that, let’s view the brand’s new Super Bowl spot from DDB Chicago: According to Tim Nudd of Adweek: Ad people will see echoes of Richard Grant’s character in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. To me, it’s a happier though no less weird […]

Calcuating ROSB (Return on Super Bowl)

At a price north of three million dollars for a Super Bowl spot this year, Chief Marketing Officers might be sweating some ROI-tipped bullets. With good reason. It’s a big spend and not every company is well suited to court the Super Bowl audience. That’s the news from Brand Keys’ 10th annual Super Bowl Engagement […]

This Super Bowl Season Play With Your Phone, Win A Chevy

The game layer is everywhere today. And now we can thank Chevy and its agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for bringing the game layer to this year’s Super Bowl. According to The New York Times, Chevy Gametime is a mobile application that will spit out award 20 free cars, among other prizes. Yet, simply providing […]