Advertising Is Not The Place for Playing It Safe

First Lowe’s, now KAYAK. The online travel site also pulled its ads from TLC’s new show, “All-American Muslim.” Which is bad enough on its own, but the situation is made worse by company executives trying to explain the decision away like it’s no big thing. Steve Hafner, CEO and Cofounder writes on the company’s blog: […]

Divisiveness Is For Politics, In Business We’re Better Than That

Avi Dan, a marketing consultant who specializes in client-agency relationships, reports that clients are unhappy with their agency partners vendors. Only 41% have a positive view of the quality of agency people, and just 38% are satisfied of the way agencies manage integration. Agencies are retreating from a multidimensional relationships with clients to a more […]

Creepy King Nowhere Near BK’s Guacpper

According to Los Angeles Times, on Monday Burger King will roll out its new guacamole-filled California Whopper nationwide. And the accompanying advertisements from McGarry Bowen will feature lush images of avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and beef. What? No King? No King. “There seems to be no place for a plasticized sovereign derided by many customers as […]

You Want Hockey Ads? Pass The Puck To The Team From Minnesota

A professional sports franchise is a local favorite, but not necessarily a local brand. Depending on the team, the brand may indeed be a global brand like Manchester United or the New York Yankees. So it should come as no surprise that The Phoenix Coyotes went outside their home market to hire Minneapolis-based Fallon. Rich […]

More Better Faster

John Winsor, CEO of Victor & Spoils , the crowdsourcing agency in Boulder, has been on the road for the last month talking to a dozen CMOs of Fortune 500 companies. He says, “there‚Äôs a lot of frustration out there” and that the biggest frustration of all is “the cost of creating advertising, both in […]

CMOs Need Bigger Budgets, More Talent And Better Leadership

What are Chief Marketing Officers thinking? It’s a question agency personnel need an answer to, and The CMO Council, a global affinity network of 6,000 chief marketers controlling more than $200 billion in annual spend, has answers. CMO Council’s 2011 State of Marketing Report, released today, offers a broad range of insights and views specific […]

Want To Be Found Online? Concentrate On Content

Michael Bissell, President of Conquent in Portland, likes to disagree with his clients. When it comes to things like having a presence on Facebook or an iPhone App, Bissell says, “Don’t just do things because you’re ‘supposed to’ — do them because you have a reason to do them.” Bissell’s clients also want their site […]

Taco Bell Franchise Board Calls For Agency Review, Brand Says No

Loose emails sink ships. And Maureen Morrison of