Take Your Lycra-Clad Buttocks To Vermont

Bangor News: Using a photograph of a twentysomething Lycra-clad man climbing the rock face of a mountain to sell a Maine vacation is just wrong, Bob Hastings believes. Hastings, 57, the CEO of the Rockland-Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce, has nothing against men in Lycra, or courting them to come and visit Maine. It’s just […]

Preferred Vendor Or Accessory To A Crime?

Wired: Apple is ordering several online iPod accessory vendors to stop using the word “iPod” in their names or URLs. “Although on the surface it looks like Apple is being overly heavy-handed with this approach, protection of its brand is important,” Steve Hawkins, managing director of A M Micro, said. “Authorized Apple resellers, for example, […]

Good Journalism Is Good Business

The New York Times: Chalk up another success for McClatchy, one of the best-kept secrets in the newspaper industry. The chain, with 12 dailies, including The Star Tribune in Minneapolis, The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C., The Island Packet in Hilton head Island and The Sacramento Bee, has one of the lowest profiles in […]

Mushroom Stroganoff Gets Dooced

“A savory sherry cream sauce, fresh mushroom and parmesan with egg noodles.” -Noodles Dooce: Tonight Jon indulged me and instead of having to throw yet another frozen Costco dinner into the oven we drove to Noodles and Co. to secure an edible meal. When people ask me if I cook I say, yes, I do, […]

Introducing Pepperoni Coke

Thanks to Adverblog for sharing this visually dominant ad from Biedermann/McCann-Erickson (Paraguay). After all, what’s pizza without Coke?

Juicy Fruit “Blog” Lacks Flavor

Juicy Fruit, like several brands before it, is taking a beating in the bloatosphere for their psuedo blog. Random Culture explains the importance of terminology in a case like this. “This is why we talk about not every business needing a blog because if done improperly you will get some major backlash like the Juicy […]

Little Known Twinkie Facts

The Jackson Citizen Patriot: It is maligned, it is copied, but most importantly, it is loved by millions of Americans. The Twinkie is celebrating its 75th birthday this year. Yet, this simple yellow sponge cake filled with vanilla cream has managed to generate interest and even a bit of controversy over the years. Meanwhile, a […]

Yahoo Improves Its Mail Product Considerably

CNET: Yahoo unveiled on Wednesday a limited public beta of its new Yahoo Mail service, featuring a new interface more like that of a desktop e-mail application and faster response time. As first reported in June, the new Yahoo Mail beta will feature e-mail caching; message preview; drag-and-drop filing; the capability of quickly searching e-mail […]