A Hard Look At The Old Soft Sell

San Francisco Chronicle: In most ads, a company is trying to sell you a product, or a brand, or some oxymoronic notion of corporate philosophy (as if the pursuit of profit wasn’t credible self-justification in a capitalist marketplace). But flipping through a recent copy of the New Yorker — the Sept. 5 issue, to be […]

Dear National City Bank,

How stupid is your marketing department? I leave town for 9 days and what did I find in the stack of mail upon my return? 1) A Visa “CheckCard” I never asked for, but is just sitting in an envelope any moron can feel has a card enclosed. It’s just there waiting to be “instantly […]

What Would Jesus Double Down On?

Here’s a news flash: Religious people are a little sensitive about their deities. From Yahoo: Irish bookmaker Paddy Power was fending off the wrath of Christians in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Ireland on Friday over an advert depicting Jesus and the Apostles gambling at the Last Supper. The billboard posters, on display in the Irish capital, […]

Coors Launches Onionesque Site

At long last, Coors Brewing has found a way to make their key point-of-difference relevant to young male beer drinkers. Beer Drinkers Against the Mistreatment of Beer Mission Statement Imagine being packed by the hundreds, even thousands, into un-refrigerated or un-insulated trucks and rail cars for days on end. Standing in up to 100 degree […]

Schwab Chucks Charles For Chuck

According to New York Times, brokerage house, Charles Schwab, has introduced a new ad campaign from Euro RSCG Worldwide in New York, the Havas agency that was awarded the company’s brand and retail advertising account in December. The campaign is directed at current and potential Schwab customers in a way meant to echo the informal […]

Palm Capitulates

Om Malik: Palm, the company that ignited the handheld computer market, capitulated, and switched away from its own house OS to a Windows Mobile operating system. In other words it has just become yet another Windows-handheld device maker, and lost its “unique selling point.” Proof, that Microsoft eventually wins. Microsoft’s in-house spin-meister won’t even have […]

Georgia’s Peach New And Improved. Tagline Is Another Story.

Savannah Morning News: “Georgia on My Mind” leaves everyone with a warm and fuzzy feeling. About Ray Charles, not Georgia. That’s what surveys told Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Craig Lesser about the state’s slogan. So for the first time in two decades, Georgia now has a new tag line. At a Thursday “State […]

Why Burn Bras When You Care Wear Them To A Fire?

The Times is running a piece on Maidenform’s new ad campaign, but what intrigues me is their old campaign. “Hold it, I know…our Maidenform lady is really a firewoman.” The New York Times: Maidenform ladies are dreaming again. Many of those too young to remember probably know about the ad campaign that Maidenform ran from […]