Honey, Be Sure To Pick Up Some More Paris Twilight

Ad Age: It turns out getting frisky with value-added lubricants is fast becoming as American as apple pie. Suddenly at the forefront of taking sex aids mainstream, conservative marketer Johnson & Johnson almost overnight has doubled sales of its once-sleepy K-Y brand for the second time in four years thanks to the blockbuster summer rollout […]

“Spychips” Sells, But Ad Age Doesn’t Seem To Buy It

Regular AdPulp readers know that I’m not a huge fan of the massive movement to collect data to track individual consumers. And while I haven’t read it, I am aware of the new book Spychips, because the author of the book has been making the rounds of talk shows. Well, the popularity of the book […]

AOL Finally Breaks Free

The New York Times: Curtains, a large blue pair to be exact, are the images being used in an estimated $50 million campaign to promote AOL.com as a free Web portal. The campaign, in online and offline versions, depicts computer users parting the curtains to reveal a bright white light on the other side. “The […]

Greenspace Sounds Enviro-Friendly

I want to be interested in this, but sites built in Flash piss me off. Luckily not everyone feels that way. Our friends at Randon Culture, for instance, who determined that Heineken’s Greenspace initiative is a series of events featuring art, music, film and more in temporary spaces.

Sticky Eyeballs Are So 1995

Business 2.0: Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance yesterday at the tail-end of the Web 2.0 conference, and had a few choice words for all the previous guests who had engaged in Google-bashing. “We fundamentally believe in sending people to other Websites. We believe in giving people access to content, not producing it. […]

Rum Raises

Lewis Lazare: While breweries are scrambling to come up with a national marketing strategy to elevate beer’s image among a customer base that increasingly has turned to other drink options, a number of major liquor and spirits brands are positioning themselves as classy alternatives to beer. Add Brown-Forman’s Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum to that group. […]

Fresca’s Facelift

Lewis Lazare: Last time we checked, the Coca-Cola Co. wasn’t cash-strapped. So it’s surprising the company couldn’t come up with a more compelling look for the revamped Fresca design hitting grocery store shelves this week. Fresca’s new bubble-inspired design strikes us as something you’d be more likely to find on a third-rate generic cola. Rack […]

Sex Sells “Your Favorite Little Pelmeni”

Konstantin Dlutskiy writes about marketing and advertising in Russia. ‘Pelmeni’ are Russian ravioli-like pasta envelopes containing minced meat. Always with meat. Envelopes with mashed potatoes or fruits are called ‘vareniki’ and are more popular in Ukraine. The popularity of pelmeni in Russia is immense. It’s one of the most popular traditional fast food. You simply […]