On “Co-Shopping”

This story in the South Bend Tribune explores Victoria Secret’s popularity among tweens.

Lily Feingold and Brittany Garrison, both 11, barely glanced at the nearly nude mannequin in her red tasseled bra and high-cut panties at Victoria’s Secret — one of their favorite stores.
“We don’t use that,” Brittany said, nodding toward the bra.
Marketing experts call Lily and Brittany’s yearnings “aspirational,” and that aspiration may explain why the girls and many of their friends are regular Victoria’s Secret customers, despite their tender age.
Natalie Weathers, an assistant professor of fashion-industry management, said Victoria’s Secret is also tapping into a tween trend known as co-shopping — or shopping with Mom. “They are advising their daughters about their purchases, and their daughters are advising them,” she said.
“They are not little girls and they aren’t teenagers, but they have a lot of access to sophisticated information about what the media says is beautiful, what is pretty, what is hot and stylish and cool,” she said. “They are very visually literate.”



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