All The World’s A Stage

Can any company resist the temptation to co-create with their customers? I don’t think so. At USA Network, characters are welcome. And now, USA has created a community where characters from across the country can come together. You are invited to become a member and upload your videos, photos and profile. You can share your […]

Denver Ad Fed Out Of Business

I was not aware that the Denver Ad Fed closed down in December 2004. This Denver Post article from last month, provides some details. The 113-year-old group shut down in December 2004 as a result of flagging membership. Leaders and members said the group had been too slow to respond to changes in the industry. […]

Social Software My Ass

You know something’s big when the satire commences. From Sean Bonner: Since the internets were invented we’ve all been trying to figure out what they can be best used for, how that can improved our lives, and how we can monetize the fuck out of that. Who ever could have guessed that I’d be the […]

A Murdochian Pronouncement

From Media Guardian: Rupert Murdoch last night sounded the death knell for the era of the media baron, comparing today’s internet pioneers with explorers such as Christopher Columbus and John Cabot and hailing the arrival of a “second great age of discovery”. The News Corp media magnate nurtures a long-held distaste for “the establishment” but […]

Now You’re Ready For A Man Bag

Groove Bag Plus available from Untangled Life for $99. Stares that say, “Turn that shit down” absolutely free!

Calcium Deprived Aliens Steal Our Milk Source

Journalists hate the abduction of their sacred news pages by advertising, particularly when it is disguised as editorial. Something tells me no one is going to care too much that supermarket tabloid, Weekly World News has been so co-opted. Here’s a bit from the tabloid’s web site: In its March 13th issue, the Weekly World […]

Hats Off To Hill | Holiday

Hill | Holiday scrapped their brochureware site in favor of a blog–the largest, most influential agency to date to do so. Yep, we’ve read all the headlines, digested all the stats. The foundations of mid-20th century marketing are eroding all around us. So what are we going to do about it? Discuss. Ernie Schenck is […]

Newsweek Calls Calacanis “The Man”

Newsweek interviewed Jason Calacanis, “the man” who founded Weblogs, Inc. and quickly sold it to AOL for upwards of $25 million. Does Time Warner have any concerns about your content and the unfiltered nature of blogs? When the magazine industry or the newspaper industry looks at blogging, they say over and over again, “Where’s your […]