Bouldergusky’s Rocky Mountain High

In their January issue, Creativity asked Alex Bouldergusky, “Why Boulder?” I think because it’s very different from Miami, and we wanted to give our people a choice, an option. In some ways it’s completely opposite from Miami, and that’s good. Also, the Boulder/Denver area didn’t have an agency where we thought we would be stealing […]

Blogging Your Way To The Boardroom

From PR Week: During the nascent days of blogging, when both emerging and large corporations were firing staffers for blogging-related offenses, the jury was out on whether blogging was a nefarious habit, to be hidden when applying for jobs, or a positive career move. The recent ascension of two high-profile bloggers – Steve Rubel, formerly […]

Austin Talk

Courtesy of Flickr user, “timoni”. Rex Hammock transcribed the SXSW panel keynote conversation between blogging luminaries Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke. Here’s part of what they said about ad support vs. a subscription model for their respective media properties. Kottke: I wanted the support to come from the readers. I also don’t like advertising that […]

Detroit-Style Appropriation

Harper’s is running a piece by Bill Wasik (a senior editor at the magazine), inventor of the Flash Mob. He describes his experiment, and explains how the Flash Mob was co-opted by the Ford Motor Company, with pathetic results. I had traveled to Boston last summer to observe a “Fusion Flash Concert”–a marketing campaign I […]

Media Companies Hungry For Content

From The New York Times: Digital-era media companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as traditional media companies, including those with deep roots in television and print, continue to scour the Internet for emerging content and technology companies. But the pickings of obvious acquisition candidates, while hardly exhausted, are slimming, according to financiers, entrepreneurs and […]

Migrating To Mac

I just read one of the funniest blog posts ever. It’s about the PC to Mac conversion experience. From Que Sera Sera: This upgrade was a long time coming, a mixture of two parts being poor and one part being lazy, but the switch to the Mac was something else altogether. I had an iMac […]

Dealing With Groupies

Click the image to discover which London agency deals with groupies.

Back Scratch Fever

Jim Hanas, a freelance editor and writer living in New York City, found inspiration in heirarchy-flattening social bookmarking sites and has now brought the concept to life in an arena that means something to him (and others like him). has been making a lot of noise lately, and spawning a lot of imitators. Not […]