Web Two Point Poo Poo

Top 10 lists make geat memes. And it seems Charlie O’Donnell has given birth to a new one–Top Ten Reasons Why Web 2.0 Sucks.
I’d like to share my favorite three of his 10 points here:

4. Web 2.0 is a conversational vacuum. I’ll prove it. Unless you live in the Valley, walk outside your door and try to find a Twitter user… You’ve got six hours. Go. Trust me, we’re talking to ourselves. (Don’t get me wrong… I really like Twitter… We just need to remind ourselves about how close to the edge we all are out here.)
5. Spelling and grammr (beta) have gone to hell in a handbasket. I’m in ur domainz, droppin’ ur vowelz.
10. MySpace is the most popular social network. Seriously, is this the best we can do? Spam, hacking, viruses, one song at a time, and no developer network or API? Facebook is such a better product, but it’s really pretty limited as a self expression tool. Plus, neither really comes close to being able to be my digital home on the web as much as my blog is.

MySpace would be a much friendlier place with an open source API. Then all kinds of applets could crop up. For instance, I can imagine one that helps users manage their network of friends outside the website framework.



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