Twenty Years And Out

Adweek reports that Gretchen Erwin, co-founder of Erwin-Penland and the agency’s media director, has retired. Erwin, 50, and her husband, Joe, formed the agency in 1986 after purchasing Penland Advertising in Greenville, S.C. The couple, along with partner Allen Bosworth, turned the one-person shop into an agency that currently employs 145 people and has billings […]

Ad Age Joins The Movement

Ad Age editor, Scott Donaton discusses the of sipping his own medicinal tea: I’m not just the hair-club president; I’m also a client. From my perch overlooking the marketing landscape, I can report on, even judge, how companies react to the issues confronting them. But I’m in the middle of it as well, part of […]

His Loss Is Our Gain

The Bullshit Observer on attending yet another meeting: I have a 2.5 hour meeting this afternoon. A full 95% of this meeting will be a fingernails-on-the-chalkboard waste of my time. I’m bringing an illustration in that I’ve been wanted to sketch. I’ve done some of my best drawing in meetings. As a plebeian worker ant […]

Do You Microchunk?

Wonder Branding’s Michelle Miller on “Microchunking”–the act of breaking media into smaller bits prior to consumption: This is the Internet as it was meant to be – the ultimate, customizable tool for each and every individual on the planet. Social media like blogs, wikis, Flickr and YouTube are simply the foundation. We are just now […]

The Rich Get Richer

From Web users now have almost 76 million sites to choose from, yet most only visit six on a regular basis, it was revealed today. The research, published today by Directgov, points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the ‘Supersite’ phenomenon. The study found that half […]

Power To The PDF

After reading our piece on “Getting Real,” the new 37signals PDF for sale, Adam Engst of Take Control Books wanted to let us know that his firm has put out 39 titles–8 of which are translations in Dutch, German, and Japanese–since going into business in 2003. Take Control’s PDF titles have sold 55,000 copies in […]

Jeff, Why Don’t You Direct?

Adweek is running a meditative piece on creatives who like to direct their own spots. One of the interesting facts in the article is about Joe Pytka’s new production venture called The Mother Ship, founded to help those creatives who want to take their work from concept to completion. “There’s a hurtful thing happening in […]

Blogs Benefit Bentonville Behemoth

Edelman is way out in front with the use of blogs for public relations purposes. That’s not news. News is Edelman’s blog-savvy workforce using their skills to help dig one of America’s most battered companies–Wal-Mart–out of a PR hole. From The New York Times: Under assault as never before, Wal-Mart is increasingly looking beyond the […]