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Look Ma, We’re On TV

When I worked for BFG Communications, we put hundreds of bands on stage for Camel every year, and it was my job to extend the event marketing opportunity to the web via content capture from the events. We had tons of ideas on how to grow this integrated/relationship marketing loop, and do more for the […]

As We Ask Our Phones To Do More, Their Poor Little Processors Struggle To Keep Up

Is Intel inside your mobile handset? The tech giant wants to be inside your phone, and wants you to be aware of its mobile processing power. According to Reuters, “Intel Inside,” a branding campaign launched in 1991, turned commodity electronic components into premium products. This year, the Intel Inside logo has appeared on the backs […]

This Is Why AdPulp Needs A Los Angeles-Based Coorespondent

Thursday night at House of Blues on Sunset Strip, agency bands from Deutsch LA, Saatchi LA, RPA, Ogilvy & Mather and others will compete in The Battle of the Agency Bands, a thinkLA event. While I don’t like KISS, I do like Deutsch/LA’s chances. Here’s a preview of what the agency intends to bring to […]

The Perfect Gift For Any Art Director

In New York’s Hudson River Valley, craftsman and author David Rees still practices the age-old art of manual pencil sharpening. According to his web site, the artisanal service is perfect for artists, writers, and standardized test takers. Shipped with their shavings and a “certificate of sharpening,” these extra-sharp pencils make wonderful gifts. Sure, it sounds […]

God Gave Us Navels (Not for Gazing)

Once upon a time, when ad blogs were shiny and new people used to take note. Which was fun, because media makers want to know how their product is being received. Thanks to Say Daily from Say Media, we have a new radar reading. The site features short write ups on “7 Unconventional Advertising Insiders,” […]

In Cambridge, Strands of MIT DNA Are Woven Into Media’s Bright Future

Media isn’t a science, but at MIT it kind of is. Ergo, it makes perfect sense for The Boston Globe to work closely with MIT’s Center for Civic Media to create “experimental ideas” that play out on the Globe’s websites, and The hope is that this initiative with MIT will explore new ways […]

From Client Service To Serving Readers What They Want

I don’t pay much attention to personnel moves in the communications industry, despite the number of press releases I receive on the subject. Of course, if I know the person moving jobs then I am interested. And when the move is from ad agency leadership to CEO of a well known media company, then there’s […]

Advertising Is A Business Full of Generalists, Specialists, And Listlessness

One time, I mocked up a few ads for a client presentation because I knew where the line breaks looked best in the headlines for maximum effect. My CD (an Art Director by trade) did a few as well. When the client preferred my comps more than the typographically-challenged Creative Director’s comps, the CD said […]