As We Ask Our Phones To Do More, Their Poor Little Processors Struggle To Keep Up

Is Intel inside your mobile handset? The tech giant wants to be inside your phone, and wants you to be aware of its mobile processing power.

According to Reuters, “Intel Inside,” a branding campaign launched in 1991, turned commodity electronic components into premium products.

This year, the Intel Inside logo has appeared on the backs of smartphones launched in the United Kingdom, India and Russia.

“Without a doubt, my goal would be to have consumers walk into stores and have Intel Inside as a key driver of which phone or tablet they choose, just like we’ve done in the PC space,” said Brian Fravel, Intel’s head of branding.

“Can you generate end-user demand for your processors? That’s what they’re all looking at, and that’s not an easy thing to do in the mobile space where people aren’t accustomed to it,” said Jack Gold, a tech industry analyst at J. Gold Associates.

For emerging smartphone brands, with little name recognition of their own, partnering with Intel may be a “no brainer.” At the other extreme, Apple refuses to share branding with any of its suppliers.



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