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Band On The Run (To The Bank And Back)

Adfreak, AgencySpy and Paste have all pointed to this new full length jingle, recorded by Weezer. The song was actually written by a young Barry Manilow. He also wrote “I am stuck on Band-Aid, ’cause Band-Aids stick on me!” back in the day. To State Farm’s knowledge, the full song had never been recorded. After […]

ADDY Roundup

Having judged a few local ADDY shows, I know that the awards show is a point of pride for many small cities and ad communities. And last night, quite a number of shows around the country were held. First off, a big congratulations to our friend John January, Executive Creative Director of Sullivan Higdon & […]

Corn Refiners Say, “Sugar Is Sugar.” What Do You Say?

One of the things I’ve learned while working in advertising is that the people who make the ads rarely, if ever, question the client’s message. It’s not viewed as our job to do so. Our job is to convey whatever message the client wants to send. This ugly truth about the business has driven more […]

Natalie Gulbis Signs A Kid’s Forehead, Big Deal

According to Ad Age, Ladies Professional Golf Association is breaking its first brand campaign in four years to try and lure new fans and improve low TV ratings and dwindling sponsors that forced a limited tour schedule this year. Four spots, done by Sacred Cow, Austin, Texas, break this weekend on The Golf Channel’s coverage […]

Urban Airship Helps Marketers Get The Most Mobile App Bang For The Buck

“The time for experimentation on mobile has passed,” says Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship. “It’s nearly impossible to build a business around a 99-cent app. Apps have to provide ongoing value, both to the user and to the brand.” With this week’s release of Reports and Push Composer, Urban Airship intends to deliver just […]

Fast Company Makes A List Of The “Most Innovative” Companies In Advertising

Yes, that’s Grey and BBDO near the bottom. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Spotlight On NW Creative: Portland’s Cup Runneth Over With Brand Studios And Design Shops

Agency Spy has been working with the Egotist network of sites to profile the advertising and design scene in various American cities. Portland got a look earlier this week, and while the article naturally mentions W+K, Grady Britton, BPN and other regulars, the thing I found interesting was the big batch of shops (mostly design […]

A Direct Old Spice Lift, But A Very Good One

Winemakers of Paso Robles Wine Country are obviously Old Spice men. But that doesn’t make me like them any less.