Band On The Run (To The Bank And Back)

Adfreak, AgencySpy and Paste have all pointed to this new full length jingle, recorded by Weezer.

The song was actually written by a young Barry Manilow. He also wrote “I am stuck on Band-Aid, ’cause Band-Aids stick on me!” back in the day. To State Farm’s knowledge, the full song had never been recorded. After taking a look at the it, Weezer agreed to give it a go.
What do the band’s fans think? Surely, they’re ready to lynch them for being so overtly commercial. No, not exactly. Here’s one fan’s take:

It’s funny cuz you’d expect a positive and uplifting “like a good neighbor state farm is there” but it’s dark and ominous. It made me think of Devotion or Velouria. I really hope the new record has the same kind of tone.

State Farm is offering the MP3 of its newly rockin’ jingle on its Facebook page.



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