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Two Thirds Of The Biggest And Best Brands Still Just Playing Around On Facebook

WONGDOODY looked closely at the Facebook activity of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands. While most brands have a Facebook listing, only 84 have corporate-run Facebook pages. From the 84 official pages, the study analyzed 60,276 wall posts, 12,872 comments, and 119,404 “Likes” to see how companies are utilizing the social network. Most brand pages offered new […]

AdPulp Isn’t A Soc Net, But We Do Serve A Niche Audience

Jordan Kasteler, SVP of Content Development and Managing Partner at BlueGlass, looks at the growing value in niche social networks for Search Engine Land. He points to FeedTheBull, a niche network for people interested in the stock market; YardBarker, for sports fans; and Path, a site where you can connect to just 50 friends. Kasteler […]

Engage Your Audience, Save On Production, But If You Don’t Come Away With Great Advertsing, What’s The Point?

Luxury watch marker, Raymond Weil, has quite a challenge on its wrists. Why pay thousands of dollars for a timepiece when one’s iPhone or BlackBerry can tell the time just as well? It’s a challenge that great advertising might help solve. But the brand didn’t turn to the experts for assistance, Raymond Weil took the […]

Diet Pepsi Refreshes Its Can

With energy drinks, and so-called performance drinks cutting into soda pop’s market share, Diet Pepsi has decided to launch a “skinny” can in order to better compete. According to Ad Age, PepsiCo is building a major marketing program around their new Skinny Can, slated to run throughout 2011. “The challenge is making sure that packaging […]

Pay Attention, This Post Is Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Are you having a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand? Lots of people are. After all, this screen isn’t one big distraction, it’s a million little distractions all piled up on top of each other. But guess what? It’s not that the big of a deal. Not when it’s your job to come […]

AdPulp In The Academy, Vol. 2

Recently, via Twitter, I learned that students in the business school at Western Michigan University were “studying” this ad blog and others. Then last night, Dan points me to this classroom blog, Advertising And Society (school unknown). The professor is curious about our activist slant, among other things: Here are a few questions we would […]

See The Problem, Fix The Problem

First-Stop is a new portfolio site for illustrators and photogs. Its aim is decidedly ecological, as First Stop wants to reduce the volume of printed promotional materials in circulation. According to GOOD, First Stop will feature photogs and illustrators on their site, but only when they pledge to significantly reduce the amount of paper promotional […]

Union Pacific Makes The Logo Bigger

Last fall, Union Pacific launched the most comprehensive ad campaign in the company’s 148-year history to specifically target new business growth. As you’re about to witness, the campaign makes its point via over-sized insertions of the UP logo into the fields and factories of America. The work is from Bailey Lauerman, with offices in Lincoln […]