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Sherry Intrigue

Creature and the Sherry Council of America have undertaken a countrywide tour to recruit members to the Secret Sherry Society via secret cocktail parties. So far, stops have included Boston, New Orleans, Washington, DC and Seattle…the rest are of course…secret. The campaign includes print, online, guerilla and alternative forms of advertising. To get the word […]

A Cognitive Approach To Online Advertising

Let’s take a look at this new advertising technology from Solve Media. Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo. I think this new media offering has some potential. It makes CAPTCHA easier to use, which people will appreciate, and it heightens brand recall by getting people to write out brand specific lines and/or calls to […]

What Happens In Palm Springs Doesn’t Piss Off Vegas

A new ad campaign to promote Palm Springs tourism takes a few shots at another desert oasis. The Desert Sun reports: Rolled out with the tagline, “Like no place else,” Palm Springs is setting itself up as a David vs. Goliath. The advertising series, Palm Springs vs. Las Vegas, juxtaposes all of the images of […]

Corolla Wants To Be Your First Car

Today Break Media and Toyota introduce Standup Stories “My First Ride,” an original Webseries featuring six comedians as they share the story of their first car experience. The Webseries was filmed with a live 75-member audience at Hollywood’s historic Improv comedy club. Break Media’s Creative Lab, Toyota, and Saatchi & Saatchi led the creative process […]

It’s Okay, They’ll Wear Work Clothes On The Job

Scantily-clad and well-oiled builders feature in Sell! Sell!’s first TV work for, as part of a campaign launching across TV, VOD, online and print. Commercial from Sell! Sell! on Vimeo. Sell! Sell! creative director Vic Polkinghorne said, “We knew it was important to start them out with an idea that communicated what the […]

A Little BeanCast To Start Your Week

Last night, I once again had the privilege of chatting on The BeanCast alongside some cool folks: show host Bob Knorpp, Bill Green, Peter Shankman, and Scott Henderson. As always, it’s an interesting mix of topics. We talked about mobile platforms, the viability of press releases, the difference between :15 and :30 spots, social search, […]

Pop Ditty Reveals The Advertising Life In Milwaukee And Beyond

This is a music video that was shown last week at the 2010 Milwaukee 99 advertising awards show. The song was written by Nick Pipitone and Peter Batchelder, a.k.a. The Rip Off Artists.

Add Smoke, And Outdoor Becomes An Event With Viral Legs

To promote the website for Avera Health, BVK placed these smoking billboards in Sioux Falls, SD. Due to safety concerns from the local fire department, the outdoor boards are no longer smoking. But traffic to the client’s site is.