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Where The Free Gum Goes

Paul Ramirez a.k.a. @pablorazzi on Twitter is a photographer and gadget geek in Phoenix, AZ. He’s also an entrant in Dentyne’s latest promotion on Twitter. I know this because I searched the hashtag #emptycupholder and found his contest entry (see photo) along with many others. The way the contest works is consumers snap a photo […]

Moments With Mau

Designer Bruce Mau has a site one can spend quality time on–as it should be. I found this compilation of TV interviews there and much more. His “Incomplete Manifesto For Growth” (found on his site) is a wonderful document. Here’s but one Mauian prescription: 40. Avoid fields. Jump fences. Disciplinary boundaries and regulatory regimes are […]

Sounds Like A Deal

Choose two for five. That’s the value-laden lure being used by Quiznos and their new agency of record, WONGDOODY. In other quick serve restaurant news, Chipotle decided to move its account in-house after a stint at Butler Shine Stern & Partners.

Email Can Compliment But Not Entirely Replace Real Mail

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how promotional marketing is benefiting greatly from advances in digital media. Now, thanks to this The Wall Street Journal piece, I can see the same might be true for direct mail. “The introduction of new media has forced [business owners] to go back and revisit the whole playbook […]

Grilling The Grilled

You know the Coke Zero ad campaign where the brand managers on Coke Classic want to sue the Coke Zero team for taste infringement? Strange as it may seem, a similar scenario is now playing itself out for real thanks to internal squabbling at KFC over the brand’s advertising that touts grilled chicken instead of […]

Ford Cars With SYNC Are Selling Twice As Fast As Cars Without

You’ve heard me say this before: We’re all in the media business today. All of us with media properties, a.k.a. branded Web sites, that is. Craig Daitch of Hipstr thinks Ford could soon be in the media business too, but not because of its advanced understanding of the Web, rather due to its vision of […]

You’re Creative, Yes, But You Also Have A Business To Run

Robert Bowen of Dead Wings Designs challenges freelancers to get out of their right brain in order to focus on non-creative, but essential, business tasks. In his Smashing Magazine article, “Creatively Handling the Admin Side of Freelancing,” Bowen outlines five key areas of concern: Scheduling, Accounting, Correspondence, Client Relations, and Backups and Updates. Here’s some […]

It’s TV Time For R/GA

Bob Greenberg, Chairman, CEO, Global Chief Creative Officer, at R/GA—Adweek’s digital agency of the decade–wants to do the following in 2010: 1. Make a TV campaign that makes Jeff, Alex, Dan, and Lee say, “Wow….who did that?” 2. Find 100 more talented R/GA’ers…yesterday. 3. Be able to attach the word ‘Global’ to our name. 4. […]