You’re Creative, Yes, But You Also Have A Business To Run

Robert Bowen of Dead Wings Designs challenges freelancers to get out of their right brain in order to focus on non-creative, but essential, business tasks.
In his Smashing Magazine article, “Creatively Handling the Admin Side of Freelancing,” Bowen outlines five key areas of concern: Scheduling, Accounting, Correspondence, Client Relations, and Backups and Updates.
Here’s some of his advice on Scheduling:

Ironically, this often-avoided admin element by creatives can actually help stimulate our creative workflow. Scheduling different left-brained administrative tasks to be handled throughout the day offers your creative mind a change of gears. It essentially unplugs you from the mindset you’re in when you create and gives your often overworked right brain a bit of a break. So when you return to the right side of things, you do so refreshed and recharged. Scheduling your day, therefore, can benefit both sides of your freelance business.

Bowen also points to resources for freelancers and small business operators like Billings, Dropbox and Collabtive.



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