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Southern Comfort Is A Bouillabaisse of French Pirate Jazz, Etc.

Southern Comfort is going back to its roots. Specifically, to its creation story in 1874 when New Orleans bartender, M.W. Heron, concocted the recipe. It’s a smart move for SoCo to put New Orleans front and center in their new campaign from Arnold Worldwide. The Crescent City is an easy sell. It’s America’s “other.” A […]

Brands Are Getting Social And How

According to MarketingProfs, social media marketing is now a widely adopted practice, despite the fact that the field is in its infancy. Personally, I think the contests and coupons category needs a little more love from the Chief Marketing Officers in question. Twitter and Facebook are great venues for promotions, even if it’s something simple […]

Two Camps Fight For the Right To Speak (And Hopefully Listen) Commercially

The other day, I brought up the question of who is best prepared to weave brand narratives in the social space. Turns out it’s also a popular topic over at PR Squared. Site host, Todd Defren, writes: My main thesis is that PR is and has always primarily been about day-to-day relationships, thus is tailor-made […]

Holding Company Suits Are Confident. People Who Buy Things Are Not.

According to The Washngton Post, consumer confidence fell unexpectedly in early October, “painting a bleak picture for an economy driven by consumer consumption.” The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index slipped to 47.7 in early October from 53.4 in September. The number has to reach 90 before the economy is considered — at least by this […]

Jimmy John’s Makes A Great Sandwich, But You Wouldn’t Know It From These Spots

The Ad Store delivers for Jimmy John’s. In a category dominated by lame product attribute pitches, finally someone steps up and out. [via AdFreak]

We Don’t Need No Advertising Education

A few months ago, I incurred the wrath of some advertising professors who took exception to my Talent Zoo column about advertising education. One university department head sent me a snarky note at 11:00 at night and called me “vapid,” while another professor dug up my resume in an attempt to play “gotcha” with my […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: S N A P design

You know what’s missing today? I do. An abundance of quality-obsessed craftsmen who put love into the things they meticulously make. Oh, they’re out there, but they are the exception, not the norm (even in a place as quirky and hand-made as Portland). Which is why it brings me pleasure to introduce you to an […]

Paris Has A New Sun King

Things look better in Paris. Food smells and tastes better. Sex is better. How else to explain the shining ray of optimism from Publicis CEO Maurice Levy who said Tuesday that the market hit bottom last June? “The advertising market has stopped deteriorating during the summer and a slow and gradual recovery is under way,” […]