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Don’t Just Sell. Inspire A Cultish Movement.

Copywriter, Nathan Archambault, writes Maybe I’m Gravy, a blog about the sport (not to be confused with his sports blog). On said blog, he posits that ad agencies are shifting (or need to be) from making ads to creating cults. Ad agencies will still be idea factories. But creating ads is going to become a […]

P&G Taps Journalists To Connect With Consumers

Procter & Gamble is funding content, a.k.a. “independent editorial” in effort to reach their desired demographic, in this case women aged 21 to 34. According to BrandWeek, P&G is working with Web content syndicator Studio One Networks. The result is a new editorial offering– Life & Beauty Weekly–created specifically for Procter & Gamble. Studio One […]

Hill Holliday Serves Us A Royale With Cheese

When Hill Holliday busted out their redesign of HHCC.COM, Baba Shetty said, “the site is built on a platform that gives us enormous flexibility to create scenarios that vary by user situation.” I really wasn’t sure what that meant, but now I have a better idea. For one, Hill Holliday’s Web team is writing custom […]

Quirky Brits…

I kind of like this spot for Richmond Sausages, but not as much as I like AdLand Suit’s response to it. Richmond make almost-sausages for Bastards that used not to be Bastards and would like to be ineffectual Not-Bastards again. And so it is with great pleasure that I invite everybody involved in making both […]

Today In Twitterverse: Lists

You either like runny eggs or you can’t tolerate that kind of mess on your plate. Twitter’s no different. The place can get messy in a hurry and a messy home is no place for an infovore to dwell. That’s why Twitter has been testing its new lists feature among a select group of Tweeps. […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Long Without eMail

What can AdPulp provide in an email that you don’t get on the site, or elsewhere in the vast reaches of the Interwebs? I’ve been asking myself that question ever since Friend of AdPulp, Tom Asacker, grabbed me by the virtual lapels and told me to start an email newsletter at once (many mooons ago, […]

The AdPulp Interview: Sally Hogshead

I follow the careers of several strong women and in a few cases count them among my closest advisors and most powerful influences. Sally Hogshead exists in this small circle. Her positive vibration and quick mind are obvious bright points. So is her generosity. I hope this exchange will help give you a sense for […]

HHCC.Com Gets Comfortable In Its New Skin

In February of 2006, Hill Holiday scrapped their brochureware site in favor of a blog. Now they’re taking things a little further and I’m intrigued by the way Baba Shetty, Hill Holliday’s Chief Media Officer, describes the agency’s new site: First, the site is built on a platform that gives us enormous flexibility to create […]