Today In Twitterverse: Lists

You either like runny eggs or you can’t tolerate that kind of mess on your plate. Twitter’s no different. The place can get messy in a hurry and a messy home is no place for an infovore to dwell.
That’s why Twitter has been testing its new lists feature among a select group of Tweeps. To give Tweeps the power to clean, to make order, to feel good about where things are.
Yesterday, the new lists feature was made available to the masses, a.k.a. you and me. I’ve been playing around with the new interface for about 24 hours and have made four lists so far. They are:

You can also see which lists you’ve been added to. Right now, I’m on 12 lists, and that number is growing by the hour.
It’s possible to follow another person’s list. So, if my own “Ad World” list gets a little tame, or I want to see how others have made there own groupings of ad folk, I can jump over to @BettyDraper’s “Mad Men of the Future” list or any number of like-minded lists.
It also appears that you can follow a list, without following the generator of that list. I’m a bit confused by that, but I’m rolling with it. Following a list is not like following a person or company, the list’s data doesn’t enter your stream. There’s simply a notation of which lists you are following, along with which lists are following you.
If you’re using Twitter lists, please sound off in the comments and tell us which lists to follow and what your own take on the feature is.



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