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Skimming Isn’t Knowing

Newser is an aggregator with an attitude. Face it: there’s too much news. At Newser, we choose the most important stories from hundreds of US and international sources and reduce them to a headline, picture, and two paragraphs. And we do it 24/7–you can come back morning, noon, night (and in between) for something new […]

Tying Up Relationship Marketing’s Loose Ends

Relationship Marketing is a big banner under which several sizable pieces fit together. Email and events, for instance. Which is why it makes sense for email marketing provider, Constant Contact, to add event marketing management to their array of offerings for small business. Event Marketing from Constant Contact is “a professional, affordable tool” to help […]

Are You Well Equipped To Tell Stories In The Digital Arena? You Need To Be.

According to Ad Age, a growing number of marketers are directly engaging consumers through original content, instead of pitching their stories to reporters. Take this Coldwell Banker video: The thing I find interesting in the Ad Age piece is how PR agencies are being tasked with content creation. For instance, Coldwell Banker enlisted the help […]

It’s A Numbers Game Today

Several high profile clients are shopping around for new agency partners, but there’s a catch according to The Wall Street Journal. “The chief procurement officer has become more important than the chief marketing officer inside some companies,” says Joanne Davis, a new-business consultant in New York. About 80% of reviews now include procurement departments, up […]

Fun With Bob Garfield: “Che Guevara in a Jar”

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield says if you like the above commercial you may be a douche bag. Was this conceived during ‘shroom day at McGarryBowen? See, in non-psychedelic reality, Miracle Whip is not a badge of defiance but rather the quintessence of middle-American déclassé, the turquoise pants suit of condiments. To assert the opposite […]

The Presentation Skills Of Steve Jobs: Tips From The Master

I’ve said it before on AdPulp, and it bears repeating: If you really want to get ahead in the advertising industry (or any industry for that matter), develop your presentation skills. It takes practice, it takes skill, and it takes a flair for the dramatic. Of course, it helps to be presenting something insanely great. […]

Dead Tree Publishing’s Bad-For-the-Environment Math

Many industries have built-in inefficiencies that some don’t want to see fixed, for there’s money to be made in these dark zones. For instance, say your team adopts new technology that improves efficiency. Some might fear that change because greater efficiency can lead to fewer billable hours, at least in the short term before more […]

Want People To Search For Your Product Or Service? Give Them A Reason To.

At the airport “being searched” is a royal pain. On the Web it’s the golden rule. According to The Wall Street Journal, marketers are becoming more savvy searchers. For instance, VW is sharing information across its dealer network so dealers and corporate don’t compete for a key phrase like “GTI Atlanta.” The article also argues […]