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The Most Hilarious Tagline I’ve Seen In Years

Rick Sanchez of CNN responds to Fox’s accusation.

Well Funded Legal Team Chases Online Tricksters

Tim Cranton, Microsoft’s Associate General Counsel, writing on Microsoft On The Issues explains the company’s latest moves against cyber-criminals. Today, Microsoft filed five civil lawsuits, the first of their kind against a nasty phenomenon known as malvertising. That’s the industry term for malicious online advertising. Microsoft works with the other leading providers of online ad […]

StarterCards Boost Entrepreneurs–And The Agency Behind Them

Elizabeth Baskin is the founder of Tribe, an ad agency in Atlanta, so it’s not a surprise that she’s a fan of entrepreneurs. But she’s taking it a step further with StarterCards, a series of cards offering easy steps for entrepreneurs to follow when starting a new business. And while you can order a set […]

Adlandia’s New Creative Challenge: Episodic Thinking

On October 8th, Ikea’s EasyToAssembleTV moves into its second season on MyDamnChannel. The branded entertainment series created by and starring actress Illeana Douglas has been viewed over one million times and is gaining momentum, according to Ad Age. And the client loves it. Ikea’s marketing chief, Magnus Gustaffson, took a hands-on role with the project […]

Enough Caffeine Will Light You Up

McDonald’s does do a lot of interesting outdoor executions. Here’s a lamp post from downtown Vancouver, courtesy of agency Cossette Post. Hat tip to Direct Daily.

Music Videos Are Commercials For The New Album — This One Features The Retailer’s Logo Throughout

BTW, Pearl Jam is on tour right now. They’re playing Vancouver, WA next Saturday, the 26th, with Ben Harper opening.

A Sales Promotion History Lesson

The Wall Street Journal is paying homage to one of the founders of Sales Promotion, Robert M. Sandelman, who died Sept. 13 at 81. His idea was to appeal directly to the consumer through mailings, coupons, rebates, demonstrations and in-store entertainment — things that cut out the cost of broadcast or print ads. “Advertising is […]

News Gathering In The Information Age

High Jive rightly thought I’d be interested in reading Michael Miner’s rambling piece in Chicago Reader about the struggle for survival at the Sun Times. There’s a discussion about the need for the paper to become much more local in its coverage and how the move to centralize ad sales in downtown Chicago hurt the […]