Adlandia’s New Creative Challenge: Episodic Thinking

On October 8th, Ikea’s EasyToAssembleTV moves into its second season on MyDamnChannel.

The branded entertainment series created by and starring actress Illeana Douglas has been viewed over one million times and is gaining momentum, according to Ad Age. And the client loves it.

Ikea’s marketing chief, Magnus Gustaffson, took a hands-on role with the project as executive producer, but gave Ms. Douglas and her celebrity friends enough creative freedom to write some jokes at the chain’s expense.
“In the next three to five years, we can expect both content concepts and the distribution model to develop even more rapidly,” Mr. Gustaffson said. “So in that time frame, the importance of the 30-second TV spot, as we know it, will decrease and the importance of something that today is perceived to be more niche, i.e., web series, will increase.”

Ryan, an Ad Age reader agrees. In a comment on the site, he says, “Creating marketing formats that allow for pure brand integration is the future of the industry. Everyone loves to be entertained and brands are in a great position to make people laugh and smile while also capturing valuable engagement.” He then points to Brainstorm the Show from Altoids.



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