StarterCards Boost Entrepreneurs–And The Agency Behind Them

Elizabeth Baskin is the founder of Tribe, an ad agency in Atlanta, so it’s not a surprise that she’s a fan of entrepreneurs. But she’s taking it a step further with StarterCards, a series of cards offering easy steps for entrepreneurs to follow when starting a new business. And while you can order a set of real cards on the website, for just 99 cents you can download a sneak preview “Start Your Own Company” iPhone app with some sample cards and links to more tips.
This is a cool idea for a few reasons: First, the advice is easy to digest, and helps people think about all the things they need to do when starting a business, one step at a time. And in this economy, many people are becoming entrepreneurs out of necessity and don’t quite know how to go about it. Ask anyone who’s ever started a business, and even the most mundane things like phone systems, bank accounts and copyrights can trip them up.
I’ll bet that at least a few of the entrepreneurs who use StarterCards may find themselves hitting some good success, and guess what? They’ll call on Elizabeth and Tribe to get their brands in high gear. It’s a great self-promo for the agency as well as a great resource for would-be moguls.



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