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Little Ricky’s Parents Save For College

On behalf of Van Kampen Investments, Red Square Agency in Mobile, AL brings comedic timing, good casting and an alternative storyline to financial industry advertising.

Feminists, Look Away

I like the payoff in this spot, but the setup bothers me. I have a hard time seeing Mr. Slob and Mrs. Neat together, and an even harder time understanding what motivates Mrs. Neat to drop her chores in order to play Mr. Slob’s little ballpark game. Agency: Mendelsohn Zien Client: Hormel’s Farmer John brand […]

The Smart Money Goes Wherever Consumers Go

Attention founder Curtis Hougland explains on his firm’s blog why MDC Partners–the holding company that owns Crispin Porter & Bogusky and many other fine agencies–decided to invest in his growing Word-of-Mouth concern. …we are at an inflection point in social media, the shift from early adopter to early majority, a horizontal skill set requiring more […]

In Gayle Evans American Family Trusts

Brands are increasingly turning to the entertainment industry for answers that used to be supplied by ad agencies (and in some cases still are). For instance, American Family Insurance is partnering with NBC to deliver 10 episodes of In Gayle We Trust, a comedic take on the life of Gayle Evans, a fictional American Family […]

Today In Twitterverse: It Takes A Village To Raise A Brand

According to Penn State Live, Jim Jansen, associate professor of information science and technology in the College of Information Sciences and Technology has been studying Twitter. What he found by looking at half a million Tweets is that 20 percent contain requests for product information or responses to the requests. “People are using tweets to […]

McValueMeal’s Bag Man Not Looking His Best

CiCi’s Pizza Buffet is known for cheap prices, peppy workers and a variety of pizza toppings, according to USA TODAY. With this new work from Deutsch LA, CiCi’s would like to become known as the antidote to greasy food in a bag. CiCi’s is not content to let salad have that position in the meal […]

Beach Bums Basically Run This Thing

I’m glad Alex Bogusky is opening up in various social media channels of late. It’s only natural for students of the business and fellow practitioners to wonder what makes a guy like Bogusky tick. Is he conditioned to win like a champion athlete? Or does he simply have a special gift for this business? I […]

When You Want To Be Noticed, Email Is Insufficient

Armando Bellmas, a photog in Charlotte, NC, works hard to impress art buyers and art directors at Queen City ad agencies to hire him. That means emails, lunches, Tweets and whatever else he can think of. Here’s something he thought of–a postcard campaign starring himself and the agencies in his sights (literally). What I liked […]