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Phun Thymes

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino is not a fan of luxury that’s exclusionary. The Las Vegas property wants everyone to experience “opulence and superior hospitality” and believes they can open open up “a whole new world where extravagance is accessible to all and where everyone can feel rich.” That’s why LA-based David&Goliath, spelled “debauchery” wrong […]

Content Investments Need Time To Mature

Adweek’s Brian Morrissey argues that “branded content has yet to take off” despite all the “hype, rounds of venture capital investment and a flurry of activity.” Mark Beeching, CCO at Digitas, which created a dedicated unit to produce branded content called The Third Act, said, advertisers have lurched from strategies that relied too heavily on […]

Amsterdam At the Head of The Creative Class

Ad Age is running an interesting feature on Amsterdam and how the Dutch city actively courts creative companies from overseas. Taxi Chairman Paul Lavoie said, “They had a day for us where we met with lawyers, accountants, and they explained some of the fiscal advantages of moving our business to Amsterdam.” From there, Mr. Lavoie […]

Start your Monday with the Badger Car Salesman

These have been out for over a year, but always good for a laugh. Enjoy.

Reaching For the Knob

I love when a commercial comes on the TV that is noticeably louder than the program I’m watching. Without the blasting sound from the set, I miss out on a deal or something. Plus my local auto dealers and pawn shops are paying all that money to run their spots, the least I can do […]

Can An Aspirational Web Character Sell Cognac in China?

According to The Wall Street Journal, “the line between advertisers and entertainment producers is rapidly blurring in China, as many brands go online with their own films and Web series, taking advantage of the shortage of popular shows on China’s state-controlled TV.” Among the latest to jump on the bandwagon is French liquor company Pernod […]

No Room At Bonnaroo For Verizon’s Network

AT&T’s live stream from Bonnaroo is a best-in-class example of brand-sponsored content. I just watched Animal Collective and later today I’ll drop back in to see Galactic perform. also offers a stream from Radio Bonnaroo, 101.5 fm. Neither match the experience of being in Manchester, TN but I appreciate the offerings all the same.

Better Hope The Brand’s Lawyers Never See This One

This spot reminds me of Cutwater’s viral video work for Levi’s where the guy jumps into his jeans, but I like it anyway. Agency: Bates United in Oslo [via AdFreak, which is becoming a veritable vault of TV spots.]