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Trapped In A Soc Net

Matt Jones, director of strategy and planning for Jack Morton Worldwide, has little use for social media, or media of any kind. To him, media is just a channel, a conduit for what does matter–“people, ideas, stories and other real stuff.” In his guest piece on Ad Age, Jones argues: Far from being interesting (unless […]

Will Prescription Drug Ads Be Taxed?

With all sorts of healthcare reform proposals being floated, the American Advertising Federation is in a tizzy over the specter of a tax on prescription drug advertising as a means to finance some of the healthcare proposal. Here’s part of what the AAF sent out in a letter to its members: Because healthcare reform is […]


This is spec creative from Sharpe Blackmore/Toronto that the client–Steam Whistle Brewing–bought with beer and is now paying to run on CBC. Most spec creative stories get no where near a happy ending like this, so my hat’s off to all involved.

For Firms With Money, Now Is A Good Time To Buy

According to The Wall Street Journal, Boston-based digital giant, Sapient, has been shopping for a traditional ad agency for months. They found one in Nitro Group, a 300-person agency with offices in New York, London, and other international ports of call. Here’s how the paper frames the story: The recession is forcing digital agencies to […]

The Sixties Are Back, Man

When I was in high school, there was a lot of interest in the 60’s, partially due to the reissuing of classic albums on CD. And Nike used “Revolution” in an ad, while Neil Young said he’d never sing for a brand. Now, once again, the Sixties are back in vogue in advertising. From The […]

Making The Most of Guy In A Penguin Suit

Learn more about the penguin exhibit at South Carolina Aquarium. If you suspend disbelief, you can also follow one of the visiting penguins on Twitter.

Confused About Your Sexual Identity? Try Tampax.

According to AdAge, Zack16 and his missing man parts is an effort to sell more Tampax. “It was inexpensive for us to do this one little effort and kind of get a feel for how much pickup it gets, if it goes viral or if it doesn’t,” a P&G spokesman said. Leo Burnett is the […]

Cinematic Quality Vodka

42Below vodka is “an independent spirit that admires your own.” That’s why they dreamed up OneDreamRush, a film project that brought 42 notable directors together to make 42 shorts, each 42 seconds in length. Each short deals with a dream that “continues to haunt, delight and inspire” the directors. Visit 42× for information on the […]