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Lindsay, Is That You?

[via BuzzFeed]

Free Idea # 1: Enough With the Drawn Butter

One of the world’s favorite crustaceans is in need of a new image. With a global recession on, people simply aren’t buying lobster like they once did, despite steep drops in retail pricing. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company in January, processors had frozen lobster worth at least $30 million in their freezers, mostly in […]

A Campaign That’s More Than Wallpaper

I just really like this Benjamin Moore print campaign from Cramer-Krasselt. My clients would probably say it’s too hard to read, has too many words, doesn’t show an actual painted room, and would object to the phrase “love child.”

You Can Count Your Friends On Your Fingers And Maybe A Few Toes

“I know who my friends are. What’s confusing us is how the Web is strengthening our loose ties” –Jeff Dachis, founder of Razorfish David Armano heard the above words at SXSW this year. This struck a chord with me. Most of us intuitively know who our friends are. They’re the ones we feel comfortable around, […]

Too Cheery? Medicate!

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Beer Speaks, People Mumble

Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma has a killer tagline: Beer Speaks, People Mumble. Their beer’s pretty good too.

Word Press Technicians In High Demand

The “O” in oDesk stands for outsource. As in outsource the coding to India. It’s interesting to see which skills are being outsourced. It’s clear from oDesk’s data that Word Press skills are in great demand. Tom Johnson, a geek who writes copy and code says he can’t keep up with the demand for custom […]

Small Teams of Reporters Doing Big Things

Jeff Bercovici who writes a blogumn called “Mixed Media” for Portfolio, mentions an interesting new media startup called Prism that’s being put together by Merrill Brown, founding editor of, and some of his cohorts. The mission of Prism, according to Brown, is “to develop a platform that would make it easy for a potential […]