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Watching The Branded Stream Flow

I have accounts at over two dozen soc nets. You can feel sorry for me or you can build me a tool to help me manage the insanity. Fallon, which “believes the future belongs to generous brands,” is doing the latter. Today the agency launches Skimmer, an Adobe AIR-based desktop application that serves as a […]

Stop Being So Smart All The Time

Patricia Martin, writing in Ad Age, recalls seven “unthinkable ideas” from SXSWi 2009. I especially like is Kathy Sierra’s insight into the knowledge economy. Make the consumer brilliant. “Don’t bother trying to get them to think you’re brilliant,” said Kathy Sierra, cognition expert and game developer, whose keynote was one of the most heavily blogged […]

Web Futurists Get A Free Pass

[UPDATE 4/10/09] Some of the prices below have changed and the title and nature of the Workshop itself has changed. Please see this complete update for more. As part of our partnership with WebVisions 2009, AdPulp is conducting an Ideas That Stick Contest. To enter, please visit the WebVisions contest page and answer the following […]

This Is The Free Daily Offering. Our Creative Services You Pay For.

World Changing is a 501(c)3 media organization. As such, raising money the old-fashioned way–by asking for it–is something the site’s management team needs to engage in. Alex Steffen explains: We’ve been a very entrepreneurial nonprofit, finding ways to raise most of our money through writing and speaking. We’ve also kept our standards consistently high, eschewing […]

Today In Twitterverse: Making Things With Data

VentureBeat has a good story on the launch of ExecTweets by Microsoft and Federated Media Publishing. ExecTweets is the latest third-party site to use Twitter’s immense amount of data to attempt to turn it into something useful for a narrower audience. The audience in this case is business users, as ExecTweets is all about pulling […]

In Small Agencies We Trust

Alex Bogusky is educating me about the business. No, he not advising me on how to improve my hair. He just reeled off four shops–all spin offs of Crispin Porter & Bogusky–that I’d never heard of before. They are: Stick and Move Toy Goodness Manufacturing Big Agency Defectors “Right now, our country needs these scrappy […]

Advertising Vs. Information

TechCrunch, which makes a sizable income selling advertising that runs adjacent to its popular content, is offering a “sky is falling” piece by Wharton professor Eric Clemmons in order to stimulate debate. Here are a few choice selections from Clemmons’ guest post: Advertising will fail. My basic premise is that the internet is not replacing […]

“No Logo” Was A Primer, Now We’re On To “No Product”

Journalist John Hockenberry, writing in Metropolis Magazine, wonders “how designers participate in an economy of no product?” Twenty-nine years after George W. S. Trow envisioned an era of no context, it is suddenly possible to discern an economic era of no product. For most of the postwar era, design and marketing have been all about […]