Today In Twitterverse: Making Things With Data

VentureBeat has a good story on the launch of ExecTweets by Microsoft and Federated Media Publishing.

ExecTweets is the latest third-party site to use Twitter’s immense amount of data to attempt to turn it into something useful for a narrower audience. The audience in this case is business users, as ExecTweets is all about pulling in tweets from various industry’s top executives who use Twitter.
This focus on business users is interesting in this case because much of the talk about Twitter’s eventual business model is that it will also focus on business clients. One of the rumored ideas what that businesses would pay a fee to be prominently featured somewhere on the service, in order to gain users. While this isn’t exactly that, FM and Microsoft are undoubtedly paying Twitter a pretty penny to launch their service in this featured area.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet (who doesn’t Tweet BTW) asked FM’s Matthew DiPietro if Federated Media isn’t simply pulling together a bunch of existing twitter feeds into a single place?
Yes and no, DiPietro said. “Yes, we’re aggregating select Twitter feeds, but there’s nothing simple about it. And there are many other key features and functionality that have been baked into the site including voting, curating, browsing, nominating, etc. that help surface the best and most insightful conversations.”
[IN RELATED NEWS] and BusinessWeek are also integrating Twitter into their offerings hoping to provide additional value to their customers.



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