Archives for March 2009

Good Content Is A Virtue

Creativity cozied up to Virtue, a new agency from the Canadian media company that produces the free tabloid Vice in 22 cities. The growing concern also includes Vice Books, Vice Films, Vice Music and Vice retail stores. In 2007, the founders of Vice launched with the humble goal of exploiting “every utopian vision the […]

Social Strategies Move The Needle

Chris Brogan aims to give social media a good name by moving his clients’ business agendas forward. I am captain of a very small pirate ship. We aim to work in the service of companies who can no longer wait for their fleet to hold their tea ceremonies, shine the brass, and paint the trim. […]

Getting A Colorful Reminder Of Who Does The Work

Over at Bnet, Jim Edwards highlights a recent letter sent by Cyrus Mehri and the NAACP to marketers regarding diversity, and the lack thereof, in general market ad agencies. Here’s a bit of what Jim wrote: Here’s what is likely to happen next: Not wanting to appear racist or get sued, these companies will tap […]

Blogs Get Down To Business

I was interested to learn that The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (in association with the University of Missouri School of Journalism) includes blogs in its Best in Business awards. Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business; Ian Lamont of; and Jonathan Blum of were recognized for excellence in blogging. As was […]

The Quiznos’ Oven Is Waiting For Your Torpedo

Have you heard the term food porn? Wikipedia says it is a sarcastic term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media. Of course, Carl’s Jr. is the “Food Porn, Burger Division” King. Now Quiznos is clearly after their own “Sub Division” title.

Branded Utility Meet Transportation Infrastructure

KFC is filling more than hungry stomachs. The Colonel and his crew got started yesterday in their hometown of Louisville filling up potholes around the city. There are an estimated 350 such potholes in America–one for every man, woman and child. KFC also issued an open offer to mayors of cities nationwide, asking them to […]

That Ad You’re Making, Someone Somewhere Might Use It Against You Someday, If You’re Lucky

I like to see artists do something smart with advertising. Matt Siber, for instance. Here are some words from his Floating Logos artist’s statement: Inspired by the proliferation of very tall signs in the American Mid-West, Floating Logos seeks to draw attention to this often overlooked form of advertising. Perched atop very tall poles or […]

Be An Apple, Or Slip On A Banana

The IBM Institute for Business Value is comprised of more than 50 consultants who conduct research and analysis across multiple industries and functional disciplines. The institute has a worldwide presence, drawing on consultants in eleven countries to identify issues of global interest and to develop practical recommendations with local relevance. According to Adweek, IBM’s researchers […]