Free Idea # 1: Enough With the Drawn Butter

One of the world’s favorite crustaceans is in need of a new image. With a global recession on, people simply aren’t buying lobster like they once did, despite steep drops in retail pricing.
According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company in January, processors had frozen lobster worth at least $30 million in their freezers, mostly in P.E.I.
West Nova MP Gregg Kerr points out lobster has recently been about the same price as bologna, although it has risen in the last couple of months.
“I think most would recognize that the food value in a live fish product is probably quite substantially more than a processed product such as bologna would be,” said the Nova Scotia MP.
Canada’s federal Department of Agriculture and provincial governments in the Maritimes are putting up $500,000 to develop a new marketing plan for the lobster.
That’s not a lot of money. Maybe Friends of AdPulp can help. If you have an idea that will motivate people to eat lobster, share it here or on our Facebook page. We will forward the recommendations on to the Canadian officials.
BONUS FACT: Lobster was once cheap and plentiful–a food for the lower classes. In fact, prior to the Revolutionary War, dock workers in Boston went on strike, protesting having to eat lobster more than three times a week.



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