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Today In Twitterverse: Twitter on Nightline

In related Twittereze, The Los Angeles Times shows evidence of the company’s “founding document” as if Twitter was a nation, not a short messaging service.

Digital Freedom Fighters On the Rise

Scott Cleland–who works at the nexus of capital markets, public policy and techcom–has a problem with free. He’s not the only one. The dotcom bubble ethos that “information wants to be free” is like a gross mold destroying the incentives to create and distribute valuable content digitally. Let’s take a analytical slice across both the […]

News And Paper Need A Separation

The negative news about newspapers is deafening. The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Jose Mercury News, and now the San Francisco Chronicle are all battling for their very existence. Some might make it, others might not. Everyday this drama plays out, side by side with the dramas in our financial […]

Girls School? Maybe. Reform School? Definitely.

Ad agency digs have long been creative, but creative within certain well heeled parameters. Lots of modern lines and Eames inspired furnishings. It’s a refined creativity, not circus creativity. But there’s an agency in Seattle that refuses to play by those rules, or any rules regarding the business and matters of taste. Wexley School for […]

Whole Lotta Moanin’ Goin’ On

I learned many moons ago not to build your brand on word play, because that’s what the brand becomes known for–the word play, not the service or product offering at hand. clearly hasn’t heard this line of thinking, or the decision makers at the company don’t buy it for they’re coming to market with […]

Dark Times for Bright Characters

“Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen should be proud, there’s finally a writer to carry on their tradition.” – James Frey Michael Craven, an ACD at Crispin working on the Microsoft account has a new book out. It’s called Body Copy, cleverly enough. According to Adweek, the novel tells the tale of a former pro surfer […]

Digital Elites To Descend On Cinci

According to Ad Age, the digertati are slated to be in Cincinnati on March 9th for “Digital Hack Night” at P&G headquarters. Some of the biggest names in digital and social media — including top executives from Google, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter — are expected to attend. “It is about learning and engagement, and we’re […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: I2PA

Rogue Ale’s Imperial India Pale Ale (I2PA) has received 25 awards for what’s inside the bottle. Now, they’ve received an award for the bottle. Rogue’s 750ml black ceramic Imperial bottle was one of the two packages to win a Gold Medal at BEVERAGE WORLD’S 12th Annual Best in Beverage Packaging contest. The Other Gold Medalist […]