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We Need Editors To Make Sense Of It All, Now More Than Ever

I was sad to read the following notice, since Tom Peter’s Wire Service has been one of our best daily sources for material. BTW, I refute the notion that technology will serve me better than an editor. We deeply appreciate the loyalty of our readers, but also understand that technologies have emerged that may be […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Friends of AdPulp

I was slow to take to Facebook. In fact, I kind of hated it. I even took down my account for about six months last year. But I eventually came back (FB knew I would) and now I’m getting into the swing of things. I came back for the simple reason that lots of real […]

Hyperlocal Isn’t Confined To These Webs

Adventurous publishers have been turning blogs into books for a couple of years now. Here comes a guy with a twist on that idea. Joshua Karp, will begin publishing hyperlocal blogs in jolly old newsprint. His enterprise, The Printed Blog, launches in Chicago and San Francisco next week. According to The New York Times: As […]

Trust Us, Real Advertising Agencies Aren’t That Interesting

I’ll be watching the new TNT show “Trust Me,” which starts next Monday. The New York Times takes a closer look: “Trust Me,” previously called “Truth in Advertising,” is the brainchild of two former Chicago creative executives, Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, who are co-executive producers of the hit TNT series “The Closer.” They worked, […]

Pandora Caves, Runs Ads

Pandora is now serving ads in its stream. I haven’t heard them yet, even though I did listen to a good bit of music on Pandora today. For what it’s worth, TechCrunch says the ads are “not that bad.” Audiophiles and anti-commercial activists may have other views. If they choose, listeners can always sign up […]

The Karsh Kiss Off?

The Denver Egotist guest blogged on Agency Spy about the state of agency affairs on the Colorado Front Range. Here’s an item that jumped out at me: Karsh\Hagan, previously owned by The Integer Group and Omnicom, was sold back to former owner and agency head Pocky Maranzino. For reason’s unknown, the deal has taken place […]

Cafe Culture Is American Culture

Ad Age decided to commission Lightspeed Research to find out whether either New Year’s resolutions or a tough economy were turning latte sippers into bean counters. The survey results reveal that 60% of Americans have scaled back on fancy or expensive coffee in the past six months; 56% report cutting back just since the beginning […]

Ubuntu Sounds Like “Up Yours” In Europe

The French are fun people. They make lovely wine and food, they climb mountains and frolic at the sea. But don’t get on their bad side, because they’re also a proud people and nationalistic, as well. For a variety of reasons, Microsoft, is on their bad side. Ashlee Vance of The New York Times writes: […]