The Karsh Kiss Off?

The Denver Egotist guest blogged on Agency Spy about the state of agency affairs on the Colorado Front Range.
Here’s an item that jumped out at me:

Karsh\Hagan, previously owned by The Integer Group and Omnicom, was sold back to former owner and agency head Pocky Maranzino. For reason’s unknown, the deal has taken place under the radar and without much press. It’s too early to say what this will mean for K+H in 2009, but given the prior downward direction of the agency, any change will likely be a good one.

I always thought that was an awkward marriage. Omnicom’s big promo shop kissing up on the pretty girl from the right side of the tracks is sort of unbecoming.
Interestingly, the agency’s site says it’s part of the TBWA \ Global Creative Community. So, the site’s either out of date, or they still have a relationship of some sort with Omnicom.
[UPDATE] Matt Ingwalson, Senior Copywriter at Karsh confirms the agency’s independence on Twitter.
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